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Fanfiction / Oneshots / English

Kurogane and Tomoyo fan fiction in English, written in drabble or oneshot form, in alphabetical order.


A Legacy of Red Mansions by pengelyn
A young princess sees the future in the past. Reincarnation, angst, and a connection that transcends dimensions.
[ Rated: K - Words: 2,868 - Published: 6-10-2006 ]

A Ninja's Loyalty by Arctic Bee
Despite journeying to far away worlds in distant universes, there were two things that never changed. Those were Kurogane's loyalty...and his love for Tomoyo.
[ Rated: T - Words: 1,700 - Published: 11-27-2009 ]

All That Matters by Atthla
A place between a master and her servant.
[ Rated: T - Words: 2,305 - Published: 3-6-2008 ]

Answers by EdenEcho
A poem set in Kurogane's POV. Death poem. You have been warned.
[ Rated: T - Words: 736 - Published: 9-29-2006 ]

Apathy by Iulia
He promised to protect both of them. His choice was between two promises. The one he made earlier just happened to be more important. He would rather let the whole world rot than let Tomoyo die before he did.
[ Rated: K - Words: 861 - Published: 7-3-2007 ]

As Long As You Are Happy by Ireland-hime
A sad little Kurogane X Tomoyo poem.
[ Rated: K - Words: 222 - Published: 2-2-2009 ]


Baby Cakes by Winterflower
Kurogane and Tomoyo are married and have kids, so what happens when their kids ask Kurogane a question that he wished that they didn't asked?
[ Rated: T - Words: 1,285 - Published: 5-3-2006 ]

Banished Promise by shad0wcast
Kurogane's left with some thoughts of his own that makes the rest worried. They later find out the deep sadness and depth of his heart.
[ Rated: T - Words: 2,868 - Published: 11-25-2007 ]

Becoming the Man She Loves by RELiC-SPiRiT
She always knew he would become the man she saw beneath the cold, stoic mask he wore." A series of oneshots about Kurogane and Tomoyo and their ever changing but ever strong relationship.
[ Rated: K+ - Words: 608 - Published: 4-18-2008 ]

Before I Go by Asuka Neko
Kurogane knows he will be leaving for Clow soon, but he decides to go say goodbye to Tomoyo before he does.
[ Rated: K+ - Words: 1,358 - Published: 3-31-2011 ]

Blankets by azuremiko
Blankets aren't the only thing you can use to keep warm.
[ Rated: K+ - Words: 750 - Published: 11-18-2007 ]


Castle in the Sky by rawr879
He gave her a smile. His first ever smile in his whole life. "Are you naming me?" He was a nameless stray, looking for the castle in the sky. She was an innocent baby who named him and chained him to her.
[ Rated: K+ - Words: 616 - Published: 5-27-2005 ]

Chocolate by thetwilitprincesses
Tomoyo tries to make chocolates for Kurogane, but what happens when Souma tells him before she gives them to him?
[ Rated: T - Words: 1,129 - Published: 2-11-2009 ]

Chocolate and Confessions by Asuka Neko
Tomoyo has been sitting outside on a tire swing for quite a while. Kurogane's mother is meddling in her son's love life. And some confessions are made over a cup of hot chocolate.
[ Rated: K - Words: 1,344 - Published: 7-18-2010 ]

Cloudgazing by Asuka Neko
Kurogane was enjoying a quiet day in Shirasaki Palace... until Tomoyo came along. But maybe he isn't entirely against spending the day cloudgazing with his princess.
[ Rated: K - Words: 965 - Published: 6-13-2010 ]

Come Back Soon by midnight-dreary12
The rest of the crew has no idea, but Kurogane is back home. He escapes to go talk to someone he has been looking for the entire journey and to find out why the heck she sent him in the first place.
[ English - Words: 1,100 - Published: 3-13-2009 ]

Companionship by drinktea
She fluttered her eyelashes at me over her cards, like some innocent court maiden. Yeah, right.
[ Rated: T - Words: 524 - Published: 7-8-2006 ]

Coronation by Phiso
Tomoyo always knew that there was a chance she would be crowned Empress of Nihon one day. She had just always hoped Kurogane would be there with her when it happened.
[ Rated: K - Words: 2,862 - Published: 3-30-2007 ]


Dead Letters by EdenEcho
"I hope, somehow, that this will end up in my loved ones' hands. My family, my friends... and you. You most of all. Because I feel like I never had the chance to tell you everything I always wanted to tell you."
[ Rated: T - Words: 4,883 - Published: 11-17-2007 ]

Dragon And His Princess by Winterflower
A story of a dragon and his princess.
[ Rated: T - English - Words: 1,985 - Published: 5-30-2006 ]


Exactly What He Needs by RELiC-SPiRiT
Sometimes, instead of getting angry on the highway or beating up kickboxing bags, all you really need is a simple little thing.
[ Rated: K+ - Words: 562 -Published: 3-28-2008 ]


Failed by Rinslet
"How could you ever think of saving me? I am already corrupted beyond all redemption." He thrust his blade deeper into her pale flesh, earning a wince. "Even demon has wings…that can help them elevate over their sins…"
[ Rated: T - Words: 1,187 - Published: 6-30-2005 ]

Farewell by Suuki-chan
She wasn't ready to say farewell yet.
[ Rated: T - Words: 1,948 - Published: 2-16-2008 ]

Feeling Low? by lil' white Raven
Kurogane remembers everything Tomoyo means to him and for some reason, seems to think he'll never see her again. Very sappy and sad...At first. A humorous ending.
[ Rated: K+ - Words: 1,220 - Published: 6-23-2009 ]

Fidelity by sasori
A one-shot from Kurogane's POV concerning his lovely princess, Tomoyo. In which, that enigmatic little phrase is explained. "I only serve..." barely verges on unrequited.
[ Rated: K+ - Words: 725 - Published: 12-17-2003 ]

First Indulgence by Ngoc Chau
Kurogane returns back to Nihon after the battle with Reed. There, his princess gives him a welcome back gift.
[ Rated: M - Words: 11,244 - Published: 9-1-2008 ]

First Love, Last Innocence by Me Or The Wallpaper
When he was little, he was in love with Tomoyo.
[ Rated: T - Words: 2,120 - Published: 1-27-2009 ]

For The Man He Almost Is by Angel Kitten
What might have been Tomoyo's underlying reason for sending Kurogane to another dimension.
[ Rated: T - Words: 1,690 - Published: 9-7-2005 ]

For the Princess by Darkia
During a cloudy moon lit night his thoughts sway towards a certain someone.
[ Rated: K - Words: 519 - Published: 9-28-2009 ]

Frozen by Erenriel
Kurogane's thoughts leave him paralyzed when he finally returns home.
[ Rated: K - Words: 132 - Published: 9-21-2006 ]


Gamble by sasori
The Princess Tomoyo favors her arrogant, sullen ninja the most.
[ Rated: K - Words: 781 - Published: 8-16-2005 ]


Had I Been Wrong? by azuya
Tomoyo-hime just misses Kurogane...
[ Rated: K+ - Words: 201 - Published: 5-31-2006 ]

Harlequin For A Wedding Gift by Ngoc Chau
Tomoyo and Kurogane are now married. But here's the thing; they're both virgins. And they're both nervous as hell about their first night. But the one thing that'll cure that anxiety are harlequins! Reading really can help you with "anything".
[ Rated: M - Words: 6,702 - Published: 10-15-2008 ]

Helper by Tuliharja
Settled before Celes' happening in Nihon country. Tomoyo-hime can see the future in her dreams. Now, a terrible event has appeared. What can she do to help her favourite ninja?
[ Rated: K+ - Words: 1,756 - Published: 6-13-2011 ]

Her Dark Knight by Sheo Darren
He is her Dark Knight. Or dark horse. Or something to that effect.
[ Rated: T - Words: 291 - Published: 8-16-2009 ]

Home by likesunflowers
Home is where the heart is.
[ Rated: K+ - Words: 489 - Published: 9-9-2006 ]

Homecoming by pengelyn
The apres-TRC denoument that all KuroTomo shippers want to see. A pleasing bit of fluff, ha!
[ Rated: K - Words: 1,075 - Published: 6-11-2006 ]


I Regret It Now by Paradise-wolves
Tomoyo thinks back about sending her ninja away.
[ Rated: K+ - Words: 681 - Published: 11-9-2006 ]

If Only For A Day by suicide bomber
He's merciless. He's brutal. He's uncouth. But more importantly, he still has the heart to love.
[ Rated: T - Words: 478 - Published: 7-28-2006 ]

In Retrospect by sasori
Upon his return to Princess Tomoyo's palace, Kurogane contemplates the lesson he has learned.
[ Rated: K - Words: 488 - Published: 7-7-2005 ]

IOU by Puzzlingly Delicious
14 year old Kurogane is escaping two executioners. Will he find safety in the large castle he's broken into? Or will he find even more...?
[ Rated: K+ - Words: 2,537 - Published: 8-29-2005 ]

It Did Not Happen by suicide bomber
In which Kurogane went drunk and Tomoyo watches too much TV.
[ Rated: K+ - Words: 478 - Published: 7-21-2006 ]

It Should Have Been Funny by Iulia
It should have been funny, how different he was that day. But it wasn't… not in the least bit.
[ Rated: K - Words: 1,022 - Published: 1-11-2007 ]



Kurogane Doesn't Need Love by hantol
Kurogane doesn't need love, he's already above it.
[ Rated: K+ - Words: 360 - Published: 12-30-2008 ]


Lifetimes by likesunflowers
She knew she may have to wait forever for him to hold her like that again.
[ Rated: T - Words: 308 -Published: 10-9-2006 ]

Kurogane returns to Nihon, but something is different about him.
[ Rated: K - Words: 166 - Published: 1-12-2007 ]

Lonely Skies by likesunflowers
The night before the day Kurogane get sent away, Tomoyo approaches him.
[ Rated: K+ - Words: 826 - Published: 9-6-2006 ]


Magic In Your Eyes by DarkHonour
Kurogane and Tomoyo are an ordinary couple dating in Shinjuku, Tokyo, preparing for the New Year.
[ Rated: K - Words: 5,343 - Published: 12-30-2005 ]

Mathematical Equations and Riceballs by Sachi Fuchida
Tomoyo's been studying all week for her math finals coming up! When she falls asleep and her room's continuously a mess , a mysterious figure comes and cleans up her room for her. Who is this person and what is his purpose?
[ Rated: T - Words: 2,068 - Published: 6-10-2006 ]

Maybe, Maybe Not by pikashipper4eva
Traces of two lives, the boy Kurogane and the girl Tomoyo, different in every way and yet absolutely in love...
[ Rated: T - Words: 2,178 - Published: 6-21-2008 ]

Moonlight by rawr879
In the new world they've stumbled into, Kurogane meets Tomoyo as he reflects on how he feels about his princess back home.
[ Rated: K+ - Words: 1,678 - Published: 3-7-2005 ]

Moonlight Enlightenment by Wyppo
After sending Kurogane to Yuuko Tomoyo feels things she never felt before. Away from his princess, Kurogane too begins to question his feelings too. What will happen when they finally meet again?
[ Rated: T - Words: 1,791 - Published: 3-24-2008 ]



Oddities by yiting
One-shot with a twist at the end.
[ Rated: K+ - Words: 341 - Published: 11-7-2004 ]

Of Oaths And Other Promises by hikari yuuko
One-shot set in Nihon, around the last events in Tsubasa Shunraiki 2. She can no longer foresee their future. "...he opens his eyes and Kurogane is bound to her once again."
[ Rated: K+ - Words: 1,539 - Published: 8-17-2009 ]

On My Mind by Kaytoko
It's obvious. He misses her. She can't see the suffering that was brought about from her decision to send him away. But he'd get back to her. He promised himself that.
[ Rated: T - Words: 2,069 - Published: 3-21-2007 ]

One Last Goodbye by Erenriel
Kurogane has resolved to go with the others to find Sakura. But before he goes, he shares one last night with his princess.
[ Rated: M - Words: 168 - Published: 1-26-2008 ]

Ours by Shiver-chan
Tomoyo's thoughts on her relationship with Kurogane.
[ Rated: K+ - Words: 1,055 - Published: 11-14-2010 ]

Overreaction by Sheo Darren
Kurogane does what he does best. Overreact regarding his Tsukuyomi Hime Sama.
[ Rated: T - Words: 2,188 - Published: 12-24-2008 ]


Parallels by hikari yuuko
Drabble set in Piffle world. "Would her kiss taste just like Tomoyo-hime's?"
[ Rated: K - Words: 487 - Published: 8-15-2009 ]

Promises to Keep by Luinramwen
I bet you knew that something like this would happen. But I'm still coming back. Don't you ever think I won't...
[ Rated: K - Words: 765 - Published: 12-21-2006 ]

Purple by Destiny Lockheart
Watching the kid and the princess, Kurogane is reminded of something.
[ Rated: K+ - Words: 549 - Published: 3-10-2007 ]

Purpose by Y. Seta
How dedicating his life to Tomoyo led Kurogane to his purpose, and his worthiness to wield Ginryuu.
[ Rated: K - Words: 4,550 - Published: 6-1-2006 ]



Red by likesunflowers
Kurogane saw red.
[ Rated: K - Words: 508 - Published: 8-11-2006 ]


Second Taste by Ngoc Chau
Sequel to First Indulgence. It's been a while since their first time together. It's a stormy night and Tomoyo needs Kurogane to comfort her from her fear of storms. How does he do it?
[ Rated: M - Words: 2,924 - Published: 9-17-2008 ]

Serenity and Sorrow by RELiC-SPiRiT
Kurogane was holding Tomoyo so tight Fay thought the ninja would never let go. A 'what if' situation, set in Nihon Country, after the adventure.
[ Rated: T - Words: 936 - Published: 6-30-2008 ]

Serving Only You by Darkia
Why was it that he had been so mad at her? Was it because he was afraid of change or had it been because of something else?
[ Rated: K+ - Words: 1,227 - Published: 1-8-2008 ]

Sleepwalking by chibi-viki
There was something about that night that kept Kurogane awake. It was an urgent intuition, one that lead him to Princess Tomoyo's room and nearly cost him his life.
[ Rated: T - Words: 3,467 - Published: 7-9-2006 ]

Some Things Never Change by likesunflowers
Kurogane is back with the same feelings for Tomoyo. But does she feel the same?
[ Rated: K+ - Words: 675 - Published: 8-9-2006 ]

Strangers With Drinks by azuremiko
"Buy me a drink," she demanded. He wanted to say no but as her amethyst eyes pierced his, his decision was made. One little drink wouldn't hurt.
[ Rated: T - Words: 1,287 - Published: 11-6-2007 ]

Sweets by Sachi Fuchida
Everyone knows that Kurogane isn't fond of sweets, so it isn't surprising when he rejects a whole lot of them! But what happens when he's the one giving it out?
[ Rated: K+ - Words: 1,565 - Published: 4-13-2007 ]


Taking Fay's Advice by Asuka Neko
Kurogane knew that he should never have listened to his idiot best friend. In fact, he wasn't really sure how Fay had convinced him to ask out the girl of his dreams. He was seriously going to strangle Fai... if she said no.
[ Rated: K - Words: 713 - Published: 10-6-2010 ]

Tell Me by Maite
Kurogane wakes up to find a smiling Tomoyo on his lap. That ought to teach him not to sleep on the job...
[ Rated: K - Words: 1,032 - Published: 2-22-2008 ]

Tell Me Where the Past Years Are by cryptically
After the epic showdown and the end of his journey, Kurogane comes back to Nihon to find things different than he left them. So different, in fact, that he discovers he must change them, at any cost.
[ Rated: T - Words: 1,260 - Published: 7-30-2008 ]

Temper by Asuka Neko
Kurogane hasn't always had a bad temper, but he sure has one now. And that's going to get him into trouble with Princess Tomoyo time and time again.
[ Rated: K - Words: 1,521 - Published: 3-15-2010 ]

The Better Half of the Day is Night by Yosuke
Kurogane has always spent the anniversary of his parents' death alone in solitude, though his loving princess wants nothing more than to show him that a little company isn't always such a bad thing.
[ Rated: T - Words: 8,426 - Published: 12-25-2009 ]

The Day I Have Been Dreading by Poptart-Squirt
He comes back.
[ Rated: T - Words: 1,332 - Published: 8-31-2007 ]

The Difference Between Stars and Satellites by azuremiko
She asked a simple question, really. Maybe it was dumb. Psh, who asks about the difference between planes, satellites and shooting stars? Tomoyo does. And somehow, Kurogane fell in love. All because of that stupid question about flying things in the sky.
[ Rated: K+ - Words: 2,275 - Published: 8-4-2006 ]

The Joke by Ngoc Chau
How far can a joke go? When Tomoyo teases Kurogane, he decides to get back at her. Question is; how?
[ Rated: M - Words: 8,559 - Published: 9-12-2008 ]

The Last Dim Night by mysterious advisor
A possible ending for Tomoyo and Kurogane's story...
[ Rated: K - Words: 1,443 - Published: 10-9-2006 ]

The Lonely Princess by Harmony Seraphim
In a world far, far away, there was once a very, very beautiful girl living on a very small island..." A fully Tomoyo-centric fic with a twist at the end.
[ Rated: K+ - Words: 2,376 - Published: 1-12-2009 ]

The Same Soul by Aoitori
Take a peek into the lives and hearts of young Kurogane and Tomoyo.
[ Rated: T - Words: 1,856 - Published: 7-19-2006 ]

The Same Soul by paulmark
The conversation between Kurogane and Tomoyo continues until early in the morning.
[ Rated: T - Words: 882 - Published: 1-25-2007 ]

The Worst Kind of Kiss by Nostalgia Nut
Kurogane is finally on his way home… He just hopes he doesn't do anything stupid on his first day back.
[ Rated: T - Words: 1,515 - Published: 6-30-2007 ]

The Witch and the Princess by chibi-viki
Her dreams have been devoid of any visions of him lately. With her heart troubled by such an occurrence, Princess Tomoyo summons Yuuko to her castle seeking closure and maybe even comfort.
[ Rated: K+ - Words: 2,492 - Published: 6-30-2006 ]

Their Vow, Their Promise by 7nmelz
I swear, I'll come back. To you.
[ Rated: K+ - Words: 893 - Published: 2-19-2008 ]

Those who are Graced by the Moon by Darkia
Kurogane promised to wait for her and she would wait for him. But there was only so long that time would allow her to wait.
[ Rated: T - Words: 1,774 - Published: 2-20-2010 ]

To Protect by The Forsaken Girl
Tomoyo stands outside among the sakura trees. Kurogane joins her.
[ Rated: K+ - Words: 1,115 - Published: 1-24-2009 ]

To Understand by Arctic Bee
Tomoyo laughed at this, her amethyst eyes lighting up with amusement. "Oh Kurogane, whatever will I do with you?"
[ Rated: T - Words: 1,125 - Published: 10-15-2009 ]

Truly Happy by Maite
A peek at Kurogane's memory... Has that ever scowling ninja ever been happy?
[ Rated: K - Words: 270 - Published: 9-22-2006 ]




Waiting and Wondering by Erenriel
Tomoyo's thoughts as she awaits Kurogane's return.
[ Rated: K - Words: 171 - Published: 9-2-2006 ]

Waiting For You by NinthFeather
"I want so badly to end the spell that will send him to the Dimensional Witch, and send myself instead. And yet, I know I cannot. Kurogane must be the one that takes this journey..." Tomoyo sends off her knight.
[ Rated: T - Words: 1,234 - Published: 7-7-2010 ]

Wholly Hollow by Verboten Byacolate
I serve you, and only you.
[ Rated: T - Words: 618 - Published: 11-13-2007 ]

Windswept by Asuka Neko
Kurogane returns to Japan while journeying with Syaoran, Fay, and Mokona. He and Tomoyo sit outside in gardens of the Shirasaki Palace and talk for a while. Rather introspective...
[ Rated: K+ - Words: 1,753 - Published: 2-24-2011 ]

With You by diamondpearl876
They're miles apart, but still, Kurogane sees and hears her everywhere he goes.
[ Rated: K+ - Words: 231 - Published: 3-19-2009 ]

Without Fail by EdenEcho
Tomoyo of Piffle, so much like Princess Tomoyo of Japan, looked up at him with deep concern in her eyes. "...Does it hurt?" she asked him timidly.
[ Rated: K+ - Words: 1,365 - Published: 10-27-2005 ]




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